Rosemont pizza

The best Montreal pizza

All of our pizzas are put together starting with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh vegetables and quality meat. Each day we knead the fresh dough to make the Calabrese, Vegetarian, Meat Lovers, The Greek, Bruschetta, The Goat, Mascarpone, The Deluxe, Al Pollo, The Princess, etc.

You can choose between 3 sizes: 9", 12" and 14". You can add extras like garlic, onion, mushrooms, green chili, olives, pepperoni, etc.

Fresh and quality pizzas

Rosemont pizza
Rosemont pizza

Menu of variety

Pizza Viateur restaurant is your restaurant of choice to eat Italian. We serve different kinds of dishes: Calzone and pasta (spaghetti bolognaise, linguini with smoked salmon and alfredo sauce, marinated mushrooms, shrimp, rosé tortellini with marinated mushrooms).

For an appetizer, you can eat light and opt for our salads: Greek, Caesar, and green salad.

For dessert, treat yourself with none other than tiramisu. A variety of refreshing beverages: Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, Orange Crush or Iced Tea.

Eat well at a good price


What Pizza Saint-Viateur brings to the table :

  • different sized pizzas
  • a variety of pizzas
  • different extras

Let us take your pizza order and enjoy at home in Outremont or Westmount.